Cuba 2020

cuba workshops

Traveling to Cuba is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done, and I’m now fortunate to have done that twice. My trips there have both been with Alex Garcia’s Cuba Workshops, an “immersive people-to-people exchange” with a group of photographers who share a passion for travel.

Our trip in 2020 was just before the pandemic, so we got lucky on the timing and weren’t slowed down by any travel restrictions. 

For me, the most difficult thing about the trips to Cuba are editing my pictures down to a point where I can share my experiences with my friends and family. It’s hard to truly show the warmth of the people of Cuba and the amazing personalities of our group.

I could go on and on here about the people we met, the places we saw, and the laughs we had, but for sharing my images I finally broke it down to a few themes so that I can focus in a little on what I saw through the lens.

The images on this page are among my favorites from this trip, but I change my mind every day about that. So, flip through some categories I put together as more of a travelogue of my images. I just love looking at these images.

Take a look around, enjoy just a slice of what I experienced, and if you ever have an opportunity to go to Cuba…do it, do it now.