Sport and Specialty
New Company Website
The Project
Build new website for vintage sports car restoration business
New Site Design

The goal of the new website was to have a place where his potential—and current—customers could see the quality work that his shop performs on a daily basis.

Photo Galleries

One of the most important pieces of the site was to actually show the quality work. This meant editing and cleaning up thousands of images from the archives and shooting current projects in the shop. 

Owner’s Blog

Along with showing the professionalism and high quality work, it was important to show that this shop had a very involved owner. A blog was set up along with several photo galleries showing the owner’s history and involvement in all types of motorsports. 


In addition to the owner’s involvement, it was important to show the personality and dedication of the employees of the shop. Their histories and experience are key to the success of the business. 

The Results
Focused Content

Dynamic images with a good story behind each category tells the customers about what is special at Sport and Specialty. 

Relevant navigation

The new website contains important content from several categories so a well thought through navigation is key. 

Portfolio feature

A portfolio feature shows off the concours restoration projects.

Focus on his brand

The Sport and Specialty logo is instrumental to the new owner’s marketing plan so it is prominently displayed. 

Highlighted categories

For readers who scroll further down the page there are featured categories. 

Blog and advertising

At the bottom of the page is space for the most recent blog posts and another module available to feature partners and advertisers.